Wow!! Heartfelt and Genuine. You can feel the Author's Life coming through Her Words!!
Inspiring story with helpful pointers for each reader, allows the reader to find what's relevant for them and Marge provides empathetic practical advice for the reader. It's not filled with technical jargon, charts and metrics, it's a practical guide which allows the reader to focus on what's relevant to them and get advice from someone who has been through it and what's worked for the author. I definitely recommend this Book!! 5 Star for sure

Sure to lift the downcast, guide the lost and revive a dying dream... Such raw honesty that many people can relate to. The struggle is real, so is the message of HOPE. Thank you for not giving up, @margediblasio. Your life story had been a sacrificial offering poured out to bless the world. All of us who sowed into your life can attest that you are a 100-fold return kind of investment. - Gj Guen Joyce

Di Blasio clarifies how to turn your adversities into opportunities in One Step At A Time: How
Marge Di Blasio writes very plainly, clearly and concisely in her new book: One Step At A Time: How To Turn Your Adversities Into Opportunities. She outlines step-by-step how to do this by sharing her own and others' stories of adversity and what tools/techniques were used to overcome them and how to create opportunities for success. She provides useful worksheets/guidesheets and links to many resources for the hungry reader who is ready to turn their life around! If you are feeling stuck in your life, unfulfilled or tired of reliving the pain of your past, this is a must read, practical guidebook to help you find your way through and onto the other, brighter side of life!
Dr. Liz Bataille -AMAZON.COM

Not a 12 step program! Inspiring roadmap
This is an easy to read book. It has practical, encouraging advice and stories about the author overcoming her struggles - one step at a time. Especially helpful are the "Over to You" sections after each chapter. There are questions to ponder and writings to help you find what's relevant to you.
A positive mindset is encouraged as well as trusting in God's plan. This is a great book for those who struggle with depression or feelings of low self-worth.