We all experience pain in our lives.
Some of us experience more in our past, and it is unfortunate that it affects our present lives.

We are living with our mask on.
Facing life with the character we want to portray but deep inside our heart, there is a question, why did it happened to me?
You just want to run to forget it and escape from reality.

We are longing for explanation.
Instead of growing up with love, respect and joy, we were surrounded by rage, hatred, abuse and violence. And as we grew up, we are just chasing for the solutions for all the thoughts we have in our head.

And we thought maybe I am better now…Maybe.

  • Why I am not happy?

  • Relationship keeps failing…

  • there’s always wrong with what I am doing…

  • Everything is such a mess!

It’s Tiring, Exhausting, Depressing.

But you know what, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
I was in your situation. I know other people in the same boat and I am sure there are more around us.

If you were a victim of your past, it wasn’t your fault.
But if you let your past take your future, then You are responsible for it.

You are still alive. You have survived. You have been surviving for a long time.
You have been surviving. The good news is, It’s not yet too late for you to start succeeding!

Let go of the past.

It’s a simple message but sometimes, this is one of the hardest things to do in life.
But it’s only you who could it, and only when you do, you will be able to embrace the present and the future of your life.

So no matter how hard it is, you have to…Keep Trying!

Until you could totally say to yourself…
My past is past, whatever happened in the past, already happened. I no longer have control in the things that happened but I could do something today.

Never give up, don’t quit in your life!
If you will hold on, and take charge, it will get better and better.

Recovery is not a one time process. Keep going, keep walking, you can do it!

Stop Surving and start succeeding!