How to Make things Happen–The Art of Thinking

Have you ever felt so excited to work on something, then got overwhelmed, when you started thinking of “How”?

Like when you had the desire to:

  • Write a blog post or a book because of your compelling story

  • Start your own business

  • Join a club

  • Start investing

  • Meet new people in your community

  • Improve your communication, speaking, leadership, creativity, or any skill

  • Change job

  • Increase your income

Then when you started thinking about the details of how-to do it, you backed out.
It’s overwhelming!

The truth is, this is a common challenge almost everyone is facing. We get caught up in the details and not starting at all. But there are few people who make things happen despite their circumstances.

Would you like to know how?
How to turn your desire into reality despite your busy life or current situation ?
How to not to get caught up with the details and achieve your goals?

If you do, continue to read on!
I’m excited for you to accomplish your desire, but heads up; this would require some work on your part. There is no shortcut, but the good news is, you got everything you need to make it happen, “You”.

I had the privilege to attend my first leadership conference with Paul Martinelli and other great leaders in the John Maxwell Team.

Paul Martinelli, an entrepreneur, who grew his speaking, coaching, and training business into a multi-million dollar said, “We don’t need to know HOW we will get there. You just have to focus on getting there.”

Paul was a high school dropout from a Pittsburgh working-class family. He overcame a stuttering disability and a dim future to rise from janitor to millionaire entrepreneur.

As I reflect on what I’ve learned, I gained so much clarity.  Last year, I made some changes in my life that impacted my productivity. It made an enormous difference in getting massive results in my life personally and professionally. I realized during the event that other successful people in different fields use the same strategy.

Are you ready?

The Key is: To Focus on The What Not The How.

You need to get clarity on what you want to accomplish first. Once you know your “What”, take action. Take the first step.

If you know what you want and focus on "How”, you will be discouraged. The result?
You’ll fail before you even get started.


Once you apply this in your life, you will be surprised what you can accomplish. It’s been tested by many successful people like Bob Proctor, Paul Martinelli, John Maxwell and many more.

Here are some of my personal stories to give you some idea on how focusing on “What” instead of dwelling on “How” will help you achieve your goals:

1st Rental Property
A few years ago, I decided to invest in real estate. After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I told my husband that we would get our first rental property. He wondered where did I get the idea and how could we even afford it.

But, it was crystal clear to me that we could find the resources despite tight financial situation. We took the first step. We reached out to mortgage agent to see how much we could afford, then take the necessary steps.

Three months later, we got our first rental property. This is the same principle we applied in getting other investment properties later on.

1st Book Published
I’ve always wanted to write a book when I was in grade school. Every time I meet people who write a book, I’m always fascinated by it, but this year, something changed.

When my mother-in-law passed away in 2018 at the age of 80, I realized that we have limited time. That time is now, because tomorrow is not guaranteed. I thought of my desire for writing my story. It was clear to me; I’ll have my 1st book published.

I decided to write my book, thinking that if there is only one person out there that could be impacted and learned from it, it is still worth it.

I started writing in February. Then that first step allowed me to search for the next steps. Connected with other authors, look for the right course, did my research, and learned more about additional steps.

Four months after that my book got published and reached Amazon Best Seller category after two weeks of launch.

In my book,  One Step At A Time, I’ve stated in Chapter 2,  “To get to the point where you want, you must be willing to take the first step of your journey. Take one step at a time and focus on the destination. Plan your next move. Then the next one. Each step contributes to your goal.” If you follow this, you will see positive results in what your goals.

Invest in Personal Growth
I’ve been following few motivational speakers for a while like Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, Joyce Meyer, Jim Rohn and more for a while. Part of me had a strong desire to equip myself for personal growth. 

As I get better, I could do better personally and professionally. I looked up for courses available for personal growth, and in 2017, I joined the Leadership Program with the John Maxwell Team.

Part of the program is to attend the 3-days conference in Orlando, Florida. When I signed up, I thought of my circumstances. I started to worried on how will I manage my kids (toddler and four years old), if my husband would be able to manage them, the finances, etc., but, I didn’t let the details of “how-to” stop me at that time. 

Like other moms, I felt not comfortable to leave them even for few hours. But part of me was so sure that I’m doing this not only for myself, but also for them. I have to be at my best, so I can give my best for them.

Last week, I joined 3100 leaders all over the world. Learning from the best leaders, coaches, and speakers in the marketplace.

All the resources I need for my trip and my family came to me before the event. We had friends to help out my husband to look after my little girls when I was away. I had flexible schedule and joined them for lunch break in those three days.

The day before my conference, my four-year-old daughter told me, “Mommy, I wanted you to enjoy the conference. You are doing this for us.”

I hugged her and said , “I will miss you.”
She responded, “Mom, I will also leave you when I go to school. I do that so I to grow and learn so that’s okay. I want you to enjoy it.”

Our kids look up to us. If we help them to understand why we do what we do, at the right time, they will come to us with full of surprises. If they see us growing and investing for our personal growth, so we could give our best, not only in ourselves but also to our family and to others, we are setting them to live a successful and significant life.

If we focused on “How”, we feel overwhelmed and started to worry too much. By allowing ourselves dwell on that state, we fail before we even get started. We missed out the opportunity of a lifetime; not to live in the state of wonder, where we could explore our strenghts, weakness and resources available to us.

I hope you get encouraged with some of the stories I’ve shared.
I know you have something inside of you, a strong desire to turn it into reality.

The Key is To Focus on the “What” Not the “How”, then Take Action.
Focus on What you want to accomplish rather than How to do it.
Once you know your What, take the first step.
Take one step at a time!

If you see yourself jumping to the details of “HOW”, bring yourself back in the current state of focusing on “Taking Action for that specific moment”.

Now, take some time of what you want to accomplish. Make sure you have the clarity. Then Take the first step.

If you have applied this in your life, I would love to hear more from you. Feel free to share your comments below.