If you can save someone’s life by doing your part financially, would you?

My dad had a stroke on February 2015. My youngest brother brought him to the hospital and was told he needs to be admitted to Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Unlike here in Canada, emergency situations like this in other countries cost money before they assist you. You’re already fighting for your life, but without money, they won’t even let you in.

“How much do they need to get him checked?” , I asked.
“Around $500 a day, plus the doctor’s fee and medicine, what would I do?”, he said.

My mom was bawling, my brother, who was penniless at that time, couldn’t do anything.
He patiently waited for my decision, while my father was fighting for his life…

I knew they don’t have that money… They just have enough for their daily lives.

I’m here in Canada and they are living on the other side of the world. They need the money so he can be treated. Without it, there is nothing more your doctor can do, they will not even touch him at all.

Although we hear a lot about thriving and not just surviving, in other places, mostly in third world countries, Dying or Surviving are the only option they have.

Kids looking around in the garbage dump to find ways to make money to just cover one meal for their family.

Kids looking around in the garbage dump to find ways to make money to just cover one meal for their family.

When I was younger, I could come up  with so many excuses why poverty is everywhere, and why majority of people live a mediocre life, BUT during this time, when my family was in need, IT DOESN’T MATTER what they did and whatever the reason is.

All I can think of is “How can I help him to survive?”

I was at work when I my husband called me.
“Have you read your brother’s message?”, he said.
”What message are you referring to?”, I asked, wondering how important was it as I came out from my meeting.
”Papa is in the hospital because of stroke!”, He said.
Shocked, speechless.

I was struggling with my own issues. I think I was just recovering from a miscarriage and dealing with anxiety, but I knew then I had to be proactive and do what I could to help.

I wanted my father to survive!
I have no control over his life but I will do what I can to help him to survive!!!

I prayed, talked to the people who can help, spoke with the doctor, begged to let my father get the treatment needed BUT in the end, I was told, it is policy. Cash is needed before we make any assessment…

SO, without hesitation, I said… “I’ll find a way bro.,  Let’s get him checked and do what’s needed” and sent the large sum...

Where did that money come from?
It was the result of setting aside portion of my income years ago for a situation like this.
I knew this day would come… I will not waste the opportunity to do my part to do what I can…

When the money issue got sorted, my father got the treatment he needed. We made sure he got the best doctor and all the support needed afterwards. It wasn’t cheap, but if you are doing this for someone you love, every second he lives is worth it.

There were different resources that helped him survive during that moment.
Prayer, Faith, Family, friends, Medical treatment, Money, all these resources. It wasn’t the money alone, but it had a very BIG role to play.

Without the money, he would not even have had the chance to get checked by anybody even at the most critical stage of his life.


No money?
Could you imagine how many people got rejected in the hospital because of that?
How many of them die each day because of not having a chance to diagnose in the first place or get the treatment they need?

  • You might be lucky if you have a community at that time that could help you, but if not… what would you do?

Sometimes, we learned things in a hard way. In my case, growing up in a place where you see people fighting for their lives because of poverty open up the awareness at my early childhood. It made me see how every single penny I earn, there is a Bigger purpose.

Even a single penny you have could make a difference in the life of someone else.

Knowing the difference between assets and liabilities will allow you to stay on track to become financially independent and to do greater things you want to do in life.

Money Matters…

  • When you know how to handle it wisely.

  • It does not make you good or bad. However, it will magnify what you are.

  • It is a tool, a vehicle in life. If you are greedy, you will become more greedy, if you know how to use it wisely, you could reunite families together, extend people’s lives, feed the poor or build a company that could create more jobs.Having financial literacy, you will be able to do more great things in life.

If you can save someone’s life by doing your part financially, would you?
It’s never too late to start….