Are you tired of being a Victim? Make a shift from drama to empowerment with T.E.D!



  • sick and tired of feeling so small?

  • bored?

  • depressed?

  • stuck in life!

  • scared?

  • insecure that you’re not as awesome as others?

  • deserve something better in life!

  • can’t get ahead in life just because of so many reasons around you….

In short, are you sick and tired of being a Victim? 

A great book I’ve read recently is T.E.D (The Empowerment Dynamic by David Emerald).

It’s a book you can’t put down or stop talking about!
It is very short and a quick read book that will allow you to understand the traps of victimhood, learn the tools to escape from it, make a shift and be a Creator of your own life.

Highly recommended by my mentors. After reading Amazon reviews, and the first 2 chapters, I’m just fascinated the way the book was written. Each page has great content that will encourage you to keep going. I was blown away by understanding different roles we played in life and asked my husband to to read it. He ended up reading this entire book first before me! TED allows you to understand the difference between Victim and Creator, be aware of these different roles, and make a Shift to live a life that you truly deserve, a Creator Life.

Here’s the notes I captured as I go through it:

  1. Finding the FISBe

  • F – Focus of your orientation

  • IS – Inner State

  • Be – Behavior

Your Inner Orientation, your mental standpoint, has a lot to do with the direction of your life.

What you focus on Determines how you act. It affects just about everything that shows up in your life, too. Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT) is the direct result of having a Victim Orientation.

Dreaded Drama Triangle – model that helped countless of people see their disempowering roles and understand their situations. These 3 Roles, Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer, shows up in many different cultures are all Victim Oriented. DDT is a tangled web, a person may play any one of these roles or he may vacillate between them…

Your Orientation sets in motion your experience: How you behave in life…



  • FOCUS is on a Problem In Your Life.
    i.e Victim focus on Persecutor or Persecutor looks down on the victim and sees that person as a problem

    1. Anxiety – when a problem shows up, you feel anxiety: The inner state of the Victim orientation. Whether mild or intense – gives you energy for action and sparks your behavior.

  • Reaction: How you behave is always kind of reaction…Victim always look at it as fight, flee or freeze.


NOW, what’s the Opposite of being a VICTIM?


Opposite of Victim is CREATOR.

Ted explained “ Asking yourself what you want – rather than focusing on what you don’t want – is the way of making shift happen between both the victim and Creator orientations and Victim and Creator roles.”

As you keep working on your baby steps, you’ll get where you wanted to be.

The TED* roles of Creator, Challenger and Coach are powerful alternatives to the DDT and increase our capacity to be “at choice” in most circumstances.


The FOCUS in the Creator Orientation is the VISION or an OUTCOME. Sometimes, the vision or outcome may be completely clear to you. At other times, it may be vague, only a general idea about where you want to go.


There are 3 Fundamental Differences between VICTIM ad CREATOR Orientation.

1. ATTENTION  – It is where you put focus the Attention. VICTIMS focus is always on what they Don’t want. CREATORS on the other hand, place their focus on what they DO want.



2. INTENTION – In the Victim Orientation, your intention is to get rid of, away from, your problems. In Creator Orientation, your intention is to bring into being, or manifest, the outcomes you envision.

3. RESULTS – Victim orientation are temporary and reactive. Creator Orientation – you’re much more likely to produce satisfying, sustainable results over time. With each Baby Step you take from the Creator stance, you come closer to or get clearer about your heart’s desire.

“It is the baby steps you take everyday, the everyday things you do, that eventually lead to manifestation of your outcome. “

The challenge is…To stay awake to the choices you make everyday and to relationships you cultivate…

Now, it’s your turn.. you’ve already invested time to read this blog. Go and grab the  T.E.D book and make a commitment to take those baby steps needed.

The resources you need to get out of this victimhood is available to you…Are you ready to take the action to make that SHIFT?  Will you take the Baby Step you need?